Black Queen Coloring Book & Planner
 A Melanin-Filled Coloring Book and Planner for people of color!

Do you know why coloring is so important for you? Here are some of the benefits:

   Eliminates Stress
   Increases Creativity
    Encourages Self-Expression

Our coloring book and planner book (with coloring pages) is perfect for busy life (word on the streets is that adults are buying this for their kids too)!
For only $12, this 147- page planner includes:

    12 monthly calendars
    12 coloring pages
   52 Weekly planner pages
    And More!

and for $10 , this 23- page coloring book includes:

    22 coloring pages
     Patterns and illustrations
    full page coloring pages
    Positive images of black queens

Order both books now at $12 and $10 for a limited time:
Are you interesid in wording at whole price? Simply send a message to Laura at (linked above).